Author needing Dreadlock pictures FROM EACH STATE IN THE UNITED STATES, AS MANY COUNTRIES AS POSSIBLE, EVERY ETHNICITY,and INTERVIEWS for a book. Everyone has a story in their journey to locs, BREAK THE MYTHS, say that one thing no one else is brave enough to say about dreadlocks, show and tell your pride, and let the world know 'locs' are more than just a hairstyle choice.
  • Loc Submissions Welcomed

    It’s been a while since I have had a submission for my book project on How to live life loving locs. I am still trying to get clear quality picture of a loc wearer from each state and every country.

    I am ambitious, tenacious and ain’t too proud to beg :p

    Seriously, this is a wonderful opportunity to show your loc pride and take the position and philosophy that your hair in its natural state is amazingly beautiful.

    So, think about submitting to my tumblr page or to my e-mail

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  • Question? Is natural hair here to stay?

    The 21st century has brought a lot of firsts. One positive thing to happen in this century is that the African American has fallen in love with their natural hair. Will this continue to the 22nd century?

    I know with the conditioners and shampoos made especially for our hair helped this change to come about. I remember in the 80’s there were about three choices of hair grease and no options for conditioners, and the sluggish economy (the recession people seem not to remember anymore) made purchasing hair products a frivilous activity.

    A song says still waters run deep. Has this slow trickle of self love from head to toe run deep into the fibers of the African American or will our hair be seen once again as an accessory to assimilation to who ever the next ethnic group who rises up and insists we be like them and look like them to be happy and prosperous?

    I must say, the look does not look good on everybody. But there is nothing more sexy than a person having the courage to be themselves regardless of what others think. That second look can be magical when you see more than the outer trappings.

    I have heard often locs are not a hairstyle but a way of life. This makes me ask the next question “What way of life?” I hope it is a lifestyle of building each other up and not tearing each other down and living an ‘awake’ life not allowing others to define you through their words, money, or votes. 

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  • Are You Secure Enough To Take A Compliment?

    When someone says you are beautiful - do you try to talk them out of it or do you say thank you?

    When someone tells you that you are talented - do you say ‘oh it’s not that good?’

    I heard a story on how preditors find young girls for the sex trade market. They cruise the malls and walk up to young girls and pay them a compliment and the ones that lower their head and say ‘no I’m not’ are the ones they go after and lure them with flattery and gifts and kidnap them and sell them into the dark life of sex slavery.

    Growing up, I was that vulnerable young girl who would not say thank you for the compliment and move on; I was the one who could never see my own beauty and worth.

    Through many sources, including religion, the message was vanity was sinful, pride a flaw, and not being a red bone with good hair made you less than beautiful.

    At age 46 I now agree when someone compliments me and thank them for noticing. But the compliment I give myself for being good enough for myself is the best compliment of all.

    Learn the grace and necessity of being able to take a compliment.

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  • frommoon2moon:

    Me in 40 years :)

    Love this would do flips to have rhis in my book on locs. Help me get in contact with her SOMEBODY PLEASE!

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