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Don't Dread Dreads: The People Speak

Author needing Dreadlock pictures and interviews for a book. Everyone has a story in their journey to locs. Show and tell your pride and let the world know 'locs' are more than just a hairstyle choice.

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Aug 5 '13

Answer this: Do you hate when people tell you (women) you are the weaker sex and the cause of all sin?

When Christians look at their fellow female Christians they cringe. I remember isn Sunday school class as a youth the preteen disruptive bully boy who had crushes on all the girls in the class because his hormones were kicking him in the ball all day say

"If it weren’t for you dumb girls we would be living in The Garden Of Eden now! Girls are so stupid."

One of the younger girls ran out of the Sunday School Class in tears which made the bully recline in his chair with a big smile on his face. I remembered feeling a little embarrassed that let’s call him ‘ugly Joe’ had a lot of people backing him with his point.

I WONDER IF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE AS JOE DID/DOES ARE CHRISTIAN BULLIES? Today tumblr is not allowing for responses. But please share your comments on this subject at!/DorothyGuytonBooks

Upload a video asking why women appear to be treated differentl (sexixt) in the bible. Share this with friends, repost.

#Cristianity #feminism #sexism #Wisdom #WhenWillEveBeForgiven? #Women’sIssues

Aug 4 '13

Why Do People Love Rihanna So Much?

She is beautiful

She is talented

Her style is exciting

her attitude is……… I’m not sure how to descibe it.

But can anyone out there tell me why they love her so much?

#DorothyGuyton #WhenWillEveBeForgiven? #locs #dreads #dreadlocks

Dec 28 '12
Love the smile

Love the smile

Dec 28 '12
Dec 26 '12

What is your 2013 prediction for yourself?

Oct 23 '12
Oct 12 '12

Vote my tumblr friends

Now is not the time for you to think you do not matter. There are so many people counting on you to vote. ME in paeticular. This is your country and you should want to have a say so to what happens to your mother, brother, sister, neighbor. You matter. You are impoertant. Act like it and VOTE.

Complaining is for cowards. Show your face and sound your voice and VOTE. This is about your life. Be active and not passive. People have died for you to have this opportunity. Don’t defile their memory. Show up and show out and vote. Tell your friends. The time to play goes on, but the one day to vote comes every 4 years. Make a difference in someones life. Show the world that you do exist and left your mark for all generations to see and talk about.

Be the person who was born to do something important in their life and VOTE.

America needs you. Don’t ever count yourself as useless. VOTE.

Oct 12 '12

Love lost

People will tell you if you love somwone you don”t have to hold on with a death grip. You have to be able to let it go and come back to you on it”s own,

This is a true statement and not a myth. Give the person you love the freedom to leave and when they stay or come back they are yours for eternity and not a prisonor of your love.

Don’t be afraid of letting go. It is the only way to know they he wants to stay. Yes, it may be painful, but the peace that comes with their return is priceless. Forcing someone to love you is a false reality that YOU have to guard and maintain while losing your dignity anf sense of self. Loving someone is allowing them to be free to find out that you are the ONE. And if they do not come to that conclusion without your munipulation, you will never know true love.

So ladies, don’t hold on so tight, till he can only breath when he is without you. Let go so he can find out that he can not breathe without you.

Love is not a vice grip.

Oct 8 '12
Family hair affair=locs=great

Family hair affair=locs=great

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Sep 6 '12